Working with Kayla is an absolute joy as everything she teaches has far-reaching effect.  My singing has become much more natural and effortless after applying her principles.   I heartily recommend her as a vocal coach for singers of any age or skill level.
- Phil Lesh, Grateful Dead

Be the singer you know you can be

 We offer vocal technique and performance training specializing in musical theater, cabaret, pop and country.    Most of our students are performance-oriented teenagers, though we welcome all ages from 8+.   We also work with adults of all levels, from beginners to actors preparing for an audition, to the recording professional.

"The only thing better than singing is more singing."  -- Ella Fitzgerald

(At right: Jane Reagan, now an apprentice at New Rep Theater, Watertown, MA )

Let's Do This!

Our goal is for singers to develop a solid grounding in vocal technique and a joyful confidence as performers.     Elements of vocal technique include breathing coordination, vocal strength and relaxation, resonance, beauty of tone and musical/dramatic understanding.   We honor each singer's unique spirit while working to further develop their ability to make powerful emotional choices with their songs.    In learning to become more present in every moment while singing, students grow as people and as sensitive artists who love their craft. 

(Above at left: Cierra Potter, currently performing in NYC.)


Private lessons can be booked on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Students can choose hour-long, 45-minute  or 30-minute sessions.  Contact us to discuss your needs and what would best serve your musical growth!

Upcoming Events

Come join me at Key Tea House in San Rafael,   I will be performing with vocalist Gail Gongoll and keyboard player, Peter Penhallow.  Sept 14&15th, 7:30-9:30pm.  

Associate teacher, Gillian Eichenberger,  is directing Urinetown at Redwood H.S.  Check out her bio on our "Teachers" page!