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Kayla is my secret weapon in the Bay Area to help me get artists to perform " beyond themselves...". She has the ability to zero in on and solve those little (and not-so-little) technical issues setting the stage for getting an inspired, stellar performance.
Dan Shea
Producer (Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Jessica Simpson, etc)

Working with Kayla is an absolute joy, as everything she teaches has far-reaching effect. My singing has become so much more natural and effortless after applying her principles. I heartily recommend her as a vocal coach for singers of any age or skill level.
Phil Lesh, Grateful Dead

Working with Kayla is always a delight. She is incredibly versatile as a teacher and a musician, and is very keen at recognizing every aspect of the voice. I have never worked with anyone so versed in theory, yet so open to every genre. She was excellent in choosing pieces for me, but just as happy to work on something I brought with me. I am so glad to have worked with Kayla! She truly understands the voice and connects with her students. I would recommend Kayla to anyone of any style or age! She is so involved with her students and will not only teach you how to sing, but cater her teaching to every voice that comes into her studio. Thank you so much!
Lizzie Burns, music and voice major, College Freshman

I first connected with Kayla via phone regarding vocal lessons. I found her very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, honest, and accommodating. From our first lesson I felt extremely comfortable, trusting, as well as inspired. Truly a talented teacher. The direction she has given me in our lessons has proved to be of great value and continues to fortify my craft.
On a personal level, Kayla is easy going, humorous, optimistic, and a joy to be around. She is an absolute class act. I have recommended Kayla in the past and will continue to do so.
Michael Shapiro
Lead vocalist, guitarist for Reckless in Vegas

Kayla is wonderful! After extensive looking and research, I was so happy to find someone of her high caliber for my daughter to train with! We spent many years with Kayla, all through junior high and high school. Kayla is highly skilled and professional, but she also is kind and supportive. Because of Kayla's amazing depth of experience and also because she is a performer herself, she is very versatile and not only does she expertly train and teach, she also skillfully coaches in whatever genre is needed for the occasion; this made Kayla the "go to" person over the years whenever my daughter needed something "tweaked' for auditions and performances. My daughter has even called Kayla a time or two in the past year when she has been home to say hi and get input on a current work, which says alot for Kayla's ability to coach and maintain relationships. Thank you Kayla!!!
Judy Smith, mother of Julia Smith

Well, I just want to add our family compliments as well. In general, we are patron of the arts! As a patron, Carmen developed her interest in performing. Over the years I have taken the lead and found various instructors for her. However, when we returned to California from Maryland, Carmen took the lead and found your name on the internet. Yours was the only recommendation she had to provide me. When we arrived to your studio and were treated to a peek into Sierra's vocal training, we knew we had found a terrific vocal instructor in you! It has been a great joy to Carmen to enter the doors of your studio each Tuesday she was physically able to attend. The Showcase rehearsals were fun and thrilling for Carmen as well.
We Colosi's were so pleasantly surprised by the very high level of the Showcase on Tuesday night as well as Carmen's personal progress over this past year! The venue, lights, drummer and Michael on keyboards, let alone your comfort on the stage, let us as patrons know that we weren't just being treated to our own beloved child's vocal training, but a real treat of musicianship with a wide variety of styles that will last in our hearts for a long while! Thank you!
Naturally, Carmen would like to continue on this vocal adventure with you through the summer and years to come.
Debbie Colosi

"I spent two semesters and God-knows-how-much money at Berklee (School of Music) and I’ve already learned more in just two lessons with Kayla.”
Alex Eisenberg, 20 years old, guitarist, vocalist

“I sent my receptionist to Kayla for speech coaching so that he would speak more clearly when he answered the phone. There is no other way to say this: It is un-flippin'-believable, the change in just one session.  I can’t believe it.  It’s like night and day. Thank you SO much."

Scott Taylor, Owner, Resolution Laser Printers

Kayla Gold is a very gifted, talented, and generous voice teacher who taught my teenage daughter for almost 10 years!   She exposed my daughter to jazz, opera, show tunes, and contemporary music.  She was aware of my child's skill level and musical preferences, and helped her to develop her own vocal style,  My daughter gained  positive self-esteem and confidence, learned how her voice worked, what the proper way to use her voice was about, and how to treat the voice when it is not on par.  She taught my daughter song selection based on the show and her voice for the musical theater shows and helped her with her audition to UCLA where she was accepted into the musical theater program.  Kayla assisted in song selection and performances for scholarships, open mikes, local venues, community plays with teens and adults, and encouraged and assisted in the production of my daughter's two woman show at the age of 16!   Being a theater performer herself, Kayla is very knowledgable about vocal performance, and is also an expert in Musical Theater.  Additionally, she is a great asset for parents, as she avails herself to teens in support and the discovery of self knowledge!  Anyone involved with Kayla is lucky to have her as their teacher!

Dena Positeri

“When my daughter Lily was practicing for her talent show at school, she was feeling very shy.  I told her to My daughter wanted to sing in her ‘Kayla voice’ and right away she began to sing with more sound and more confidence.”
Sandra Powell

Dear Kayla, I want you to know how you helped my son's dream come true. Ever since the age of 2, my son, Justin, had a dream of becoming a singer and a scientist. As you remember, Justin came to you at the age of 7, not being able sing on key. He was studious and determined and you were dedicated. Before too long, he was singing at county fairs and enjoying leads in musical theater productions. During his time with you he received "Command Performance" ratings at CMEA state competitions five years in a row. He was just accepted into MIT and won the great honor of being one of the only freshman to have a lead solo ("Jump") which won the Logarhythms the Best A capella group on the East Coast). His dream has come true. Thank-you!

Joy Evans




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