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Recording Studio Technique Workshop

This workshop will take place in a 24-track state-of-the-art studio. With hands-on (or shall we say "voice-on") experience, students will learn:

* How to sing in the studio to get the best recording of their voice.
* How to communicate with the engineer and producer to achieve what
they want.
* What to listen for in mixing.
* Definitions of terms such as “comping”, “mastering” etc.
* The technical basics of recording (types of mics, types of reverb, special effects, etc.) so that they become aware of what is possible.

Plus, it will be totally fun!

All students will have ample time in the vocal booth and will also have the experience of being the producer on someone else's song.

Each student will leave the workshop with a CD recording of the song they choose.

The workshop is limited to 4 participants.

Date: TBA

Where: Catsville Recording, 100 Forbes Avenue, San Rafael.

Students should submit a karaoke track on CD of the song they will be performing..

Randy Phillippe and Murray Orrick will co-run the workshop. Both are professional singers, songwriters, engineers and producers with extensive performance and recording experience. They are committed to ensuring that all students learn more than they expect to learn and have an experience of success.

Catsville Recording is also available for individual recording projects.
Contact Randy Phillippe at

Kayla Gold Vocal Studio (415) 408-3034


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